Puniddles (book cover)

by Bruce and Brett McMillan

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Softcover: Available

Bruce's Sixth Book
1982 - Houghton Mifflin
Hardcover ISBN 0-395-32082-8
Softcover ISBN 0-395-32076-3
Bear Feet (got it?)
Personal Note

"The book should appeal to primary-graders."

Booklist, April 1, 1982

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Personal Note

I've been greeted by a "well come" when arriving to speak at a school. I liked it. I like that it was corn knee. I'm often asked to look at student puniddles on the school walls. This book inspires students to use compound words to develop their own puniddles - their own sense of humor. What I particularly enjoy is seeing how students develop their sense of humor and word play.

My coauthor (right) is my son, Brett. He was in the sixth grade when we wrote it, (and in the first photo) and he appeared in some of the photos. Brett still has a great sense of humor, and a great sense of word play.

This book was done after my success with word play in two books of humor, Punography and Punography Too. The first was featured in a three page spread in Life magazine and also led to my photographing some humor assignments for People magazine.

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This puniddle greeted me when I arrived to speak October 17, 2002.
Thanks go to you third graders in Mr. Mercier's class.
It was a great day.

Miles Lane School, Bucksport, ME
W e l c o m e

Mister Bruise Mac Melon
Get it? Mr.Bruce McMillan

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Pun - id - dle (pun - id' - l)

n. 1. A pair of photographs that suggest a literal or obvious solution in a funny way. 2. A game using the pair of photographs to deduce the punny solution. (Source: pun, riddle)

Call it a game, a riddle, or just plain pun fun, you will keep turning pages until the last one is solved. Put together a picture of a cook and a set of keys and what do you get? Cookies, of course! The visual clues -and their zany answers - are guaranteed to "pun-ish" everyone with groans of delight.

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The Bulletin of the Center of Children's Books
July 1982

"There's some fun to this."

Sarah Grossett
Erie, Pennsylvania
December 1, 1989

"It's funny."

Dear Brett and Bruce,

I like your story because it's funny. I like the riddles and pictures. I think your good writers. I also like the name of the book. Puniddles is a funny name. It sounds funny and is hard too pronounce. I think you have good ideas. They are very good.

Sarah Grossett

This review originally arrived via the publisher.

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