Here a Chick, There a Chick (book cover)

Here a Chick,
There a Chick

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Bruce's Eighth Book
1983 - Lothrop Lee & Shepard
HardcoverTr ISBN 0-688-02000-3
HardcoverLib ISBN 0-688-02001-1
1985 Hippo / Scholastic UK
Softcover ISBN 0-590-70339-0
1992 - Trumpet
Softcover ISBN 0-440-84609-9
"Another beautifully photographed McMillan book."

Childhood Education May/June 1984
Awards and Honors
Personal Note

"A wondrous testament to human patience...
It's the next best thing to having a private
barnyard of performing chicks."

The New York Times, March 27, 1983

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Awards and Honors

American Bookseller Association Pick-of-the-List
, 1983

A Best Kid's Book of 1983, Parents Magazine
, Dec 1983

School Library Journal Best Books, 1983

Starred Review, School Library Journal, May 1983
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Recommended Review,
Bulletin of Center for Children's Books
, Sept 1983

A Children's Choice for 1984, IRA/CBC
International Reading Association - Children's Book Council Joint Committee (IRA-CBC)
Of the nearly 3,000 children's books published in 1983, nearly 750 were selected for testing for "Children's Choices." A voting system recorded the choices of children. In May of 1984 the results were announced at the IRA Convention. Out of 3,000 published titles, only 108 were selected as "Children's Choices."

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Personal Note

I shot the book in black-and-white since publishers at that time were not taking on full color photos. Color separations were just too expensive. However, Dorothy Briley, editor in chief of Lothrop, Lee & Shepard loved the book proposal so much, she asked if I'd do the book in color, a publishing risk. So I spent the next summer shooting the whole book again. Why was she willing to take the financial gamble to publish the book in color? Many months later when we had lunch in New York I discovered during our conversation that she had been raised on a chicken farm in Tennessee.

The baby chick breed photographed is DeKalb Warren, a sex-link cross. The chicks in the photos are all males because only male chicks of this breed are fully yellow, and I wanted the fluffy yellow to stand out against the green grass. However, I kept some females from the same hatching, for my son and I to raise as laying hens.

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This is a concept book. From the word 'Begin,' when you see the first fluff of feathers popping out of a cracking egg, through an assortment of elemental adventures on a lush green lawn, the young viewer follows an irresistible young chick as it presents the meanings and ideas of words and word opposites. The chick demonstrates a dozen basic concepts, including 'Asleep'/'Awake' and 'Stand'/'Sit' and completing the word pair 'Begin' with 'End' in a bright, colorful, totally satisfying book.

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School Library Journal
Starred Review
May 1983

"Beautiful color photographs."

McMillan, Bruce. Here a Chick, There a Chick.
color photogs. by author. unpaged.
(Concept Bks.). CIP Lothrop. Mar 1983.
PSS $10.50. ISBN 0-688-02000-3;
PLB $10.18. ISBN 0-688-02001-1.
LC 82-20348

PreS-Gr1 - This book teaches the concept of opposites using beautiful color photographs of lovable fluffy little chicks and it succeeds. Beginning with begin, an egg and a bag of feed is shown. The following two-page spreads introduce a word and its opposite with a chick or chicks demonstrating their meanings. Trails of feed are used to lead the chicks in different directions, here and there, and onto red boards to go up and down. Only round and around are questionable opposites. The yellow chicks and trails of light colored feed contrast well with the lush green grass on which they are photographed. The text is easily read and is an attractive part of the page. Each word, in large heavy black print, appears in a light yellow border. The book ends with end as the chicks walk away from us.
- Pamela Warren Stebbins, Kanawha County Public Library, Charleston, W. Va.

This copyrighted © review originally appeared in School Library Journal and appears here with permission.

Horn Book Magazine
June 1983 Vol. 59

"Children should enjoy following the perky chick."

Bruce McMillan, Author-Photographer
Here A Chick, There A Chick
CIP 28 pp. 10" x 81/4"
Lothrop 1983 ISBN 0-688-02000-3 10.50
Library edition ISBN 0-688-02001-1 10.18

Bright, bold photographs in color of a little yellow chick following a trail of feed illustrate various concepts in a book for the very young. Beginning on the title page with an egg near a bag of feed, the book proceeds to explain visually such concepts and actions as inside and outside, straight and crooked, stand and sit. Some of the concepts - for example, left and right - may be more challenging than others. At the bottom of each page a word is placed in bold letters beneath a full-page picture. The illustration for the word Inside shows a lightly cracked egg with a bit of fluff coming through; on the opposite page above Outside we see a damp chick leaving the shell. The photographs are clear and simple, and children should enjoy following the perky chick from the beginning to the end of its trail.

This copyrighted © review originally appeared in The Horn Book Magazine and appears here with permission.

Bulletin of Center for Children's Books
September 1983

"Useful - and certainly engaging."

May 15, 1983

"Youngest readers will like the fluffy little chicks and their antics, which turn out to be a good learning device."

The Philadelphia Inquirer
August 21, 1983

"Unexpected and nice."

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