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Kitten Can...

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Bruce's Ninth Book
1984 - Lothrop Lee & Shepard
HardcoverTr ISBN 0-688-02668-0
HardcoverLib ISBN 0-688-02669-9
1986 Hippo / Scholastic UK
Softcover ISBN 0-590-70496-6
"Bruce McMillan has
used a clever idea and
a photographic kitten
to create a true winner."

Rockland (ME) Courier Gazette
July 3, 1984

Awards and Honors
Personal Note

"Should appeal to small children, beginning readers, cat lovers, and even people who don't like cats!"

The Advocate, Spring 1985

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Awards and Honors

American Bookseller Association Pick-of-the-List
, 1984

Library of Congress Children's Book of the Year
, 1984

Books for the Youngest Child Update, Booklist, 1985

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Personal Note

I'm allergic to cats. But when I went to the Stratham, NH S.P.C.A. animal shelter to get a kitten to photograph I left with not one but two calico kittens, Pixie and Pippin. I had them for their whole lives.

I was stumped for a title. When musing aloud about this at the Springvale Public Library, the head librarian, Edwina Hewey, suggested Kitten Can... My problem was solved, and Edwina credited in the book for her contribution.

The "spring" photo of Pixie was included in the Scott, Foresman school book titled Reading Grade 1 - Jump of Jiggle.

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Bruce, the author, and Pixie, the kitten
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Kittens are lively, winsome, and endearing. But the best thing about kittens is not what they are but what they do. The concept words in Kitten Can… are all verbs - the words that describe action, doing, and being. Young children will delight in Pixie the kitten's outdoor romp, learning naturally as they enjoy a kitten's irresistible charm.

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Kitten did... grow up. Pixie

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Bruce Note: Sometimes the best reviews are seeing how teachers use my books and extend them to the classroom like one teacher did with a classroom project and making Kids Can... .

The Horn Book Magazine
October 1984 Vol. 60 page 583

"The excellent colored photographs and the engaging calico kitten make an irresistible sequence."

Bruce McMillan, Author-Photographer Kitten Can... galleys
CIP 28 pp. 10" x 8' 1/4" Lothrop 1984
ISBN 0-688-02668-0 11.00
Library edition ISBN 0-688-02669-9 10.08

In the same winning vein as Here a Chick, There a Chick (Lothrop), which used baby chicks to illustrate opposites, the author-photographer features a fetching kitten to demonstrate the meaning of verbs. The sprightly, bright-eyed little cat goes through a series of small occupations, starting with "STARE," passing through such typical kitten activities as squeezing through a door, sniffing, stalking, climbing, eating - and ending with "REST." The winsome photographs show each activity quite clearly, although a few might suggest a different interpretation in a child's mind: "CRAWL" looks more like walking, and "DIG" looks much like playing. To illustrate a verb clearly seems to be far more difficult than to illustrate a noun. But the excellent colored photographs and the engaging calico kitten make an irresistible sequence. A.A.F.

This copyrighted © review originally appeared in The Horn Book Magazine and appears here with permission.

School Library Journal
December 1984

"The photos capture the joy of observing a real kitten."

McMillan, Bruce. Kitten Can...
photos by author. unpaged. CIP
Lothrop. 1984. $10.50.
ISBN 0-688-02668-0; $10.08.
ISBN 0-688-02669-0, lib ed.

"Kitten can stare, squeeze, stretch, and scratch," and do 20 other activities, ending with "curl up to REST." Each verb has its own full-page full color photo of a calico kitten showing how it's done. The photos capture the joy of observing a real kitten in action. Kitten Can... can be used as a springboard for creative motion or animal observation or just to add meaning to new words. - Margaret L. Chatham, formerly at Smithtown Library, NY

This copyrighted © review originally appeared in School Library Journal and appears here with permission.

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Kids Can... Swing, Play and Smile!

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