Step by Step (book cover)

Step by Step

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Bruce's Twelfth Book
1987 - Lothrop / Apple
Library Edition Hardcover:
ISBN 0-688-07234-8
Trade Edition Hardcover:
ISBN 0-688-07233-X
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Personal Note
Awards and Honors

"A sure-fire hit for toddlers, who are always intrigued by pictures of other babies."

The Boston Sunday Globe, March 20, 1988

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Awards and Honors

The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books
November 1987, Vol. 41

"It never hurts a book to have a subject so visually appealing... Not unusual, but unusually well done."

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Personal Note
When he was bit older, I also photographed Evan playing at the beach, splashing in the water. It appears next to a matching photo of the terns splashing in the water in my book A Beach for the Birds. He also appeared in Everything Grows. His younger brother and sister were the featured children in Play Day photographed in their yard.

He appears to the right with his father, Rick, and his grandfather, Bill. In the hidden you'll find that he's grown a bit. The little baby I watched grow, Evan, at sixteen stacks my wood and plays on the basketball and football teams at Massebesic High School, Waterboro, Me. They grow up so fast.

Both of Evan's parents, Rick and Pat Kaye-Schiess are elementary teachers.

I loved one classroom's idea. The teacher had the students bring in their baby pictures. But the teacher didn't put their names next to the picture. The photos were labeled so you had to guess which baby photo matched up with which student... and teacher! I love seeing how teachers take my book beyond places I imagined.

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Step by step: kicking, rolling over, crawling, standing up, holding on, letting go. Bruce McMillan follows baby Evan with his camera from infancy to when he walks and records his steps in learning to walk. Step by step is an adventure in locomotion as well as an introduction to words and phrases that describe an energetic little boy's growth from infancy to childhood.

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The Horn Book Magazine
Nov/Dec 1987

"Beguiling in its simplicity and appeal, the book is intriguing in its multiplicity."

Bruce McMillan, Author-Photographer
Step by Step
CIP 24pp. 10" x 8 1/4" Lothrop 1987
ISBN 0-688-07233-X $11.75
ISBN 0-688-07234-8 $11.88

"Sleeping... waking... kicking... pushing up... rolling over... sitting... stepping away... climbing up... running home." McMillan's album follows a little boy's increasing range of motion from infancy to early childhood. Full-page photographs in color, captioned only with the appropriate verbs or verbal phrases, convey a child's enjoyment and energy as he explores his environment in ever more active ways while growing through stages of babyhood and becoming a confident toddler. Beguiling in its simplicity and appeal,. The inherent charm of babies - especially for other babies, young children and adults - ensures a wide range of pleased viewers. The book is also a lovely example of simple biography and a satisfying demonstration of the concepts of growth and the learning of locomotion. M.A.B.

This copyrighted © review originally appeared in The Horn Book Magazine and appears here with permission.

School Library Journal
September 1987

"Unposed and natural... this book works... because of the response it will call from children."

McMillan, Bruce.
Step by Step.
photogs. by author. unpaged. CIP. Lothrop. 1987.
PSS $11.75. ISBN 0-688-07233-X;
PL $11.88. ISBN 0-688-07234-8. LC 86-4195

PreS - A child's attempt to walk and move independently from infancy to toddler stage proceeds in a stop-motion sequence from "sleeping" and "pushing up" with a comfortable home setting in the background to "clapping" and "climbing down" in what appears to be a backyard setting to "running home" on a sandy beach. Each full-color photograph of the little boy, one to a page, is tagged with a few words of explanation. Families with one-and-two-year-olds will enjoy looking at these familiar moments, unposed and natural. This book works not so much of itself, but because of the response it will call from children looking at it and the opportunity for discussion that may follow. - Anna Biagioni Hart, Sherwood Public Library, Alexandria VA

This copyrighted © review originally appeared in School Library Journal and appears here with permission.

July 1, 1987

"A highly satisfactory concept book for the very young."

McMillan, Bruce
STEP BY STEP Photos by the author
Lothrop, Lee & Shepard (32 pp.) 8/13 LC: 87-4195
$11.75 ISBN: 0-688-07233-X 0-688-07234-8 PLB

A series of color photographs of a baby aged four to fourteen months details the activities that lead to learning to walk. Captioned "sleeping," "kicking," "rolling over," "kneeling and holding on," "tossing," "walking," "running," etc., 22 portraits show a thriving child as he develops. The diversity and freedom that foster learning are suggested by including wading in a gentle surf and climbing up and down a rough boulder; curiosity satisfied is represented by looking in, which necessitates standing on tiptoe; the joy of standing alone is expressed by clapping. Clear, well-composed and well-chosen photographs make this a highly satisfactory concept book for the very young. (Picture book 1-6)

This copyrighted © review originally appeared in Kirkus Reviews and appears here with permission.

Publishers Weekly
August 14, 1987

"An engaging, coherent concept that will have other babies and toddlers pointing, looking and probably, smiling."

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