Puffins Climb, Penguins Rhyme (book cover)

Puffins Climb,
Penguins Rhyme

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Bruce's Thirty-third Book
1995 / 2001 - Harcourt
Hardcover ISBN 0-15-200362-2
Softcover ISBN 0-15-202443-3
"As a photo-illustrator,
McMillan is in a class by himself."
Maine Sunday Telegram
June 4, 1996
Puffins Climb, Penguins Rhyme (book cover) Korean Edition
Awards and Honors
Personal Note

"Few such picture books for children are as well done as this one."

Science Books & Films, November 1995

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Awards and Honors

American Bookseller Association Pick of the List, 1995

Outstanding Science Trade Book for Children - National Science Teachers Association / Children's Book Council, 1995

Star Review - Science Books and Films, 1995
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Personal Note

Yes, it's summer. It gets warm enough to rain on the Antarctic Peninsula. Note my gloves, a two layer set. I wore thin white silk gloves and over them gray woolen ones with the fingertips cut off. This was so that I could easily operate my cameras.

There I am in the rain photographing penguins. My camera is set up on a portable tripod. I've got it and my head covered with a couple of towels to keep the rain off. But it doesn't seem to be bothering the Gentoo penguins who are coming out of the water and standing on the rocks.

You can easily see some plants in Antarctica by looking at the snow. It looks like red dust, but it's living algae. There's more about this in Summer Ice, Life along the Antarctic Peninsula.

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What do birds do? Birds
land. Birds stand. Birds climb. Birds rhyme. Birds depict action words - verbs - in this entertaining collection of "verb verse." Comical puffins live at the top of the world in Iceland. Equally amusing penguins live at the bottom in Antarctica. They meet for a rhyme time in this collection of puffins, penguins, and poems that may even inspire young readers to compose their own "verb verses."

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Science Books & Films
Starred Review
November 1995

"Few such picture books for children are as well done as this one."

McMillan, Bruce. Puffins Climb, Penguins Rhyme.
(Illus.; photographs by the author.)
San Diego: Gulliver Books, 1995. 32 pp. $14.00.
94-27225. ISBN 0-15-200362-2. CIP.

highly recommended (highest possible rating)

This picture book takes an up-close look at two of humankind's favorite birds: penguins and puffins. Parents and teachers, like most of us, are drawn to animals that remind us of cuddly human babies; such animals become the subject of endless numbers of T-shirts, posters, stuffed toys, and picture books. However, few such picture books for children are as well done as this one. The author-photographer has no misconceptions about the biology of these two birds, which lay persons may emotionally group together, but which are in fact, geographically and phylogenetically, worlds apart. The final two pages of the book arc concise accounts of the two species featured; Atlantic puffins and southern Gentoo penguins. Ecological, morphological and behavioral characteristics of both are juxtaposed to offer teachers endless possibilities for discussion, after their young charges have perused the pictures and verse. The author had a twofold plan for his book: to introduce children to the behavior of two "amusing birds that live in remote places" and to present two-word minimalist poetry that consists of a repeating noun - either "puffins" or "penguins" - and a one syllable verb, matched with photos that provide visual clues for perhaps unfamiliar verbs. Such a design has produced what should be a unique learning experience for young and old. And who knows, in addition to going to see penguins at the zoo, we might now be encouraged to visit Maine, where we may actually see some of the 150 pairs of Atlantic puffins that summer on the offshore islands. Frank M. Truesdale, Emeritus, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

School Library Journal
May 1995

"Excellent photography... stunning book... An excellent introduction."

McMILLAN, Bruce. Puffins Climb, Penguins Rhyme.
photos. by author. unpaged. map. CIP.
Gulliver: Harcourt. 1995. RTE $14.
ISBN 0-15-200362-2. LC 9427225.

PreS-Gr 1 - Through extraordinary photography, McMillan compares and contrasts the habits and habitats of the puffins of Iceland and the penguins of Antarctica. Each page of this stunning book holds oversized, full-color close-ups that exhibit, among other things, the birds flying, standing, grooming themselves, greeting one another, eating, and caring or their young. Large, oversized black type runs along the bottom of each page proclaiming, in minimalist verse, things like "Puffins land" and "Puffins stand," "Penguins nest" and "penguins rest." While books on puffins and penguins abound, the pairing of the two species here makes for a winner. An excellent introduction to the worlds of these two birds and to a discussion of their environments. - Dot Minzer, North Barrington School, Barrington, IL

This copyrighted © review originally appeared in School Library Journal and appears here with permission. www.slj.com

Publisher's Weekly
January 30, 1995

"Master photo-essayist McMillan finds fetching fun in a few feathered friends... Though technically not of a feather, these birds flock together to provide an inviting nature study."

Wichita Eagle
July 30, 1995

"McMillan uses extraordinary color photographs to present puffins and penguins in their native habitats... This is a fun book to share one on one or with a small group."

Maine Sunday Telegram
June 4, 1996

"As a photo-illustrator, McMillan is in a class by himself."

The Boston Sunday Globe
November 12, 1995

"For our youngest listeners author/photographer Bruce McMillan's Puffins Climb, Penguins Rhyme is a good choice."

The Gazette, Montreal
December 2,1995

"A beautiful book... While McMillan's books are perfect for the preschool set, the three fact-filled pages at the end of this volume should help make it a candidate for elementary-school librarians as well."

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