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Finestkind o' Day
Lobstering in Maine
by Bruce McMillan
Lippincott, 1977
The Book
You will be able to download this book in Acrobat Reader format (PDF), and link to get the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. The book is in black-and-white so if you print on a double-sided black-and-white laser printer you will have a copy of my very first book.
The Buck.
The dollar donation goes directly to my local library, the Springvale Public Library in Springvale, Maine, and into their children's book-purchasing fund. The first page of the book will be a tri-fold page that is pre-addressed to the library. Just fold it on the dotted lines, pop in the buck, tape up the sides and add a stamp. Only your honor is at stake.
Kirkus, August 1, 1977

"Brett, who steers the boat home,
will be envied his opportunity."

McMillan, Bruce
FINESTKIND O' DAY: Lobstering in Maine
Photos by the author
J. B. Lippincott (48pp.)
ISBN: 0-397-31763-8

McMillan's photos and text offer readers a chance to share the experience of lobstering in Maine with Brett. All morning Brett helps Allison haul in his traps, and each time they both guess how many lobsters will be coming up; through it all Allison finds time to explain about sorting out keepers, pegging the crusher claws, and throwing back "berried" females. Youngsters who don't know Allison as well as Brett might find his manner a shade condescending, but he is an affable teacher and Brett, who steers the boat home, will be envied his opportunity and admired for proving up to it. 7-9

This copyrighted © review originally appeared in Kirkus Reviews and appears here with permission.

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