Siggi's Joke ~ July 26, 2002
The Farmers
While out one evening hiking in Iceland with my friend Siggi, he shared this joke.
I couldn't stop laughing.
By the way, Siggi's older brother is a farmer in Stykkishólmur.

Photo of Bruce and Siggi in Stykkishólmur
by Friðrik, Siggis's five-year-old son
An American farmer from the Midwest was visiting an Icelandic farm. He was bragging about how big his US farm was.

He told the Icelandic farmer, "I can go out my door, get in my jeep and drive for twelve hours before I reach the end of my farm. If I go out my door and drive in the other direction, I can drive for another twelve hours before I reach the end of my farm."

The Icelandic farmer paused and said, "Já, I used to have a jeep like that."

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