Rescued Pufflings

To the Rescue
The Puffling Patrol with Bruce the Rescuer
Psyjueftirlitið með Brúsa Bjargfasta
Vestmannaeyjar Iceland

A contest was held on Vestmannaeyjar to officially name the annual puffling rescue in which the children have been participating for generations.

The official name chosen was Psyjueftirlitið með Brúsa Bjargfasta / The Puffling Patrol with Bruce the Rescuer. Bruce (Brús in Icelandic) is the author and photo-illustrator of Nights of the Pufflings that chronicles the event.
"I am deeply honored to be an ongoing part of the puffling rescue, to have it named after me by my Icelandic friends in our blessed Vestmannaeyjar.

Of course it's fun when I tell the kids to call me Brucie / Brúsi in Icelandic, since a brúsi in Icelandic means "milk jug" . "

About Nights of the Pufflings

Bruce / Brúsi outside the museum at the weighing station

The Puffling Patrol with Bruce the Rescuer
Psyjueftirlitið með Brúsa Bjargfasta
Vestmannaeyjar Iceland
The goals of the Puffling Patrol, with Bruce the Rescuer in the forefront, are to determine how many pufflings glide into town each summer, over what period of time, and their condition.

In order to be a member of the Puffling Patrol, those who are rescuing the pufflings must keep a record of how many they catch, weigh each puffling, and write this information on a form that is available at the Information Center, the Aquarium, and at Sparisjóður, the savings and loan. A convenient place to weigh the pufflings is at the "weigh station" just outside the door of the Aquarium. The completed forms can also be returned at these places.

The Puffling Patrol was organized in 2001. The plan is to compile enough data so that it will be possible to annually compare the results and observe any differences. We encourage everyone who is interested to participate with Bruce the Rescuer in this fun and worthwhile activity.

Pall Marvin Jónsson
Rannsóknasetri Háskóla Íslands

Kristjan Egilsson
Náttúrugripa- og fiskasafni Vestmannaeyja

Why rescue the pufflings?

By registering and weighing the pufflings that are saved each year it is possible to estimate the success of the puffin population in the Westmann Islands, predict recruitment of the egg laying population, the size of the age classes and the food supply in the sea. We encourage everyone to participate in this project and help us monitor the puffin population. Your work is very important.
How do I register
the information?

Register the information on the pufflings on the back of the “Rescue the Pufflings” leaflet or print out this form. When all pufflings have been registered you can enter the information on this page. You can also return the leaflet to the Icebank, The Natural- and history Museum or the Iceland Research Centre.

The rescue page on Vestmannaeyjar

The results of past year rescues

What information should I record?

> The number of pufflings rescued each night.
> The date and time. Use the evening date of the excursion even though a new day starts at midnight.
> The weight of each puffling saved.
> A weather description.

It is also possible to use the scale in front of The Natural- and history Museum and weigh anytime at night. Or bring the pufflings to The Natural- and history Museum between 14:00 and 15:00 (2-3 pm) so they can be weighed and measured. Every single puffling matters. It's important to record all rescued pufflings.

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