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Impressions of the
Rare Game

The hometown Boston Red Sox
in the last eight games lost
only one game, 6-3.
This is the one.
May you enjoy
my photo impressions
of this year's rare event.
May 11, 2007

Boston Red Sox
Baltimore Orioles
All photos © 2007 by Bruce McMillan
Going to Fenway is like going to the circus.
Remy and all doing the pre-game show outside.
The view from the bullpen.
Jason Varitek strikes a pre-game pose.
Jason warms up, the only player to be on a
Little League World Series Championship Team and a
Major League World Series Championship Team,
the 2004 Boston Red Sox.
That famous Pesky Pole, the rightfield foul pole.
The 2007 World Series turf? Yes!
The team gets ready for the "Oh, say can you see..."
Ortiz up, Manny on deck. But who's on third?
Manny Ramirez extended his hitting streak
to 10 games with a first-inning single.
How we got our runs:
2nd Inning:
Jason Varitek doubled.
Julio Lugo doubled to left,
Jason Varitek scored from second.
Later in the inning,
Bases loaded, Manny Ramirez walked, Julio Lugo scored,
Coco Crisp to third, David Ortiz to second.

7th Inning:
Bases loaded, Jason Varitek walked,
Manny Ramirez scored,
Kevin Youkilis to third, Mike Lowell to second.

We have a runner on third again!
Boston left the bases loaded in the first, second
and seventh innings, stranding a season-high 13 in all.
Amisdst the W-A-V-E !
Figure this: After going 9-10 vs. the Orioles in 2004,
the Red Sox are 27-12 vs. Baltimore since the
2005 season began, and Boston has won
10 of the last 12 meetings at Fenway.
I didn't know Varitek and Papelbon held hands?
The clean-up crew.
2007 World Series turf? Yes?
Keeping us ready for the World Series.
The fans were here.
And then outside waiting for the players to
come out of the stadium and drive off in their huge SUVs.
On May 15, 2007
the Red Sox at 26-11,
have the best record in all
of baseball, best of thirty teams.
This year could be time for another
World Series Championship
Go Sox

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