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Low Tide

A collection of
seven photos and poems
by Bruce McMillan
copyright 2005

taken and written on these islands
in the Bay of Breiðafjörður
off the west coast of Iceland.

To the setting

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What . . .

. . . does one do on Bjarneyjar, alone on an island when the light isn't what you need for the bird photos you are taking? On a rainy day, the longest daylight day of the year, while walking in the low tide flats, I took some photos of nature's art before me. With these photos are the words written only hours later while looking out the window at the high tide inlet where I'd been walking.

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An island now,
and then it goes

with the tidal flows.

To the third photo/poem->
View from Above

Forests of green,
a desert of sand,
pastures of ripening brown;

yet all the while
the tide is out
and I am looking down.

To the fourth photo/poem->
My Friend

When I row
you're always there
and now you seem so real,

my only friend
with me out here
my ever-staring seal.

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Looking up
or looking down
at night, or day;

I'm lost in space
while staring out
at the Milky Way.

To the sixth photo/poem->
Seaweed Waterfall

Every day
the moon pulls,
the ocean hears its call,

and right on time
there soon appears
a seaweed water fall.

To the seventh photo/poem->

Browns are out
and about
and lying rather flat;

but soon the tide
will come along
and change all that.

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On Seeing

The best views
always free;

the high sky,
the deep sea.

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