Bruce's Surprise Guest at
Blueberries and Moose
Children's Festival of Books

Portland Maine
May 10, 2003

A fund raising effort to create a Trauma Center
sponsored by Longfellow Books
and the Junior League of Portland
First Photo->
I was there
to read and sign
my books,
when who should show up?

My absolutely favorite
new young reader.

under the table
is who?
Second Photo->

It's seven month old Finn McMillan
my grandson.
Third Photo->

Finn and Bruce McMillan
with matching pure blue eyes.
Fourth Photo->

Bruce and Finn McMillan
Fifth Photo->
And my son, Brett,
coauthor of Puniddles
when he was a sixth-grader,
and star of
Finestkind o' Day,
Lobstering in Maine
when he was in
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