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Jasper Beach
Machiasport, ME
April 4, 2003
An Overcast Late Afternoon

Rocks and Waves and Ice
A Photo-essay by
Bruce McMillan
All photos were taken with
a point-and-shoot 3.1 megapixel digital camera,
and all effects were done in camera while shooting
using camera motion, available light, or flash, excepting color adjustments.
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April 19, 2004

Dear Bruce:

My name is Paul Dowling. I live in Addison, Maine. My son and I were out joy riding last summer and we discovered Jasper Beach. At first we could not figure out what was on the other side of those perfectly placed rocks, and when we got to the top I said, "Oh my, this is awesome."

Chris my son said, "Daddy, what is this place."

All I could say was "It's a beach".

Well that led us down to the water's edge. What a beautiful place; we collected shiny rocks of little shapes and sizes.

Well, after about twenty minutes Chris said, "Can I take my shoes off and run through the waves?"

I said, "Sure why not."

He was amazed that the water was so low. {low tide}. Every where we went was not enough for Chris. I guess we started out in the middle, if there is a middle. We went to the right, then all they way to the left, and back again. After about three hours of fun we decided to leave.

On the way home we discovered Fort O'Brien.

Chris was amazed. He shared all his information with his seventh grade teacher. Well, Chris has been doing a lot hard work & research for the Curriculum Fair at school and the Fair is in May. He was wondering if you had any more interesting pictures and facts that you would like to share.

Thank you,

Paul & Chris Dowling


April 21, 2004

Dear Paul and Chris,

It sounds like you enjoyed your discovery of Jasper Beach as much as I did.

Everything I noticed on my brief visit is on this web page.

Chris, you are welcome to use the photos from the web page in your report provided, of course, they are credited to me and my web site.

Good luck with your report, and thanks for sharing your story.

As we say in Iceland, bless bless (bye bye),

Bruce McMillan

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