Eating Fractions (book cover)

Eating Fractions

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Bruce's Twenty-fourth Book
1991 - Scholastic
Hardcover ISBN 0-590-43770-4
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"Math was never so much fun or so wholesomely delicious."
Publishers Weekly, October 4, 1991

Awards and Honors
Strawberry Pie Recipe Printable Page
Personal Note

"Children may study fractions, manipulate fractions, and add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions. Leave it to McMillan, though, to suggest that they eat them."

Booklinks, November 1993

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Awards and Honors

American Library Association Notable Book
, 1991

A Best Kids Book of 1991, Parents Magazine, 1991

Starred Review, School Library Journal, September 1991
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Recommended Review, "Nice Job.", The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books, September 1991

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Personal Note

For printable recipe click here on
Bruce's Never-fail Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe

I photographed this book in my kitchen and dining room shortly after I finished building my house. A few years later I was eating dinner alone, sitting at the same kitchen counter where the kids had cut the strawberry pie. I was watching the NBC evening news with Tom Brokaw. Near the end of the news he introduced a lighthearted story about silly criteria used for California school text books. All of a sudden I was looking at a full screen lead-in photo of my "Fourths" strawberry pie page from Eating Fractions. (right)

I did a double-take. For a moment my brain was seeing the TV news but thinking 'how did that get switched to my computer screen. Then I looked down at the same counter where I took the photo, and back at the screen. I was still trying to grasp the fact that I was watching the news when the story began and I sat there by myself, smiling, shaking my head, amused in my house in the woods of Shapleigh, Maine.

The little girl in this book, second grade Erin Mallat, later appeared in The Picture that Mom Drew when she was in the sixth grade.

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From bananas to pizza to fresh strawberry pie, this is a delicious introduction to the basic mathematical concept of fractions: halves, thirds, and quarters.

Through colorful photos, readers will enjoy a feast of fractions with two playful youngsters as they eat their way through the parts of a whole. Recipes are also included, so children can help cook these mouth-watering fractions.

This t
aste treat for the mind, is sure to whet every young reader's appetite for learning.

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School Library Journal
Sept 1991

"A mouth-watering introduction to fractions."

McMillan, Bruce.
Eating Fractions.
photos by author. unpaged. CIP. Scholastic.
Sept 1991. RTE $13.95
ISBN 0-590-43770-4. LC 90-9139.

PreS-Gr 2 A mouth-watering introduction to fractions is served up by McMillan in this concept book. Full-color photos show one freckle-faced and one dark-skinned child preparing and eating an assortment of foods, each of which is pictured as a whole and then in either halves, thirds, or fourths. The progression from larger to smaller fractions is shown twice with different foods to reinforce the concept. The words for the fractions are given in very large print under the corresponding pictures along with their mathematical symbols. The foods - bananas, sweet rolls, pizza, corn, pear salad, and strawberry pie - look so appetizing that young readers will be eager to try the recipes given at the end of the book. None are difficult and none use packaged foods or excessive sugar. The excellent photographs owe their appeal not only to their bright colors, clear focus, and good framing, but also to their winsome subjects, two infectiously happy children and a strawberry-pie eating shaggy dog. Ideal for food units in primary classrooms, this book should see steady use in both school and public libraries. Louise L. Sherman. Anna C. Scott School, Leonia, NJ

This copyrighted © review originally appeared in School Library Journal and appears here with permission.

August 1, 1991

"Another excellent multidimensional concept book from a creative bookmaker."

McMillan, Bruce.
Photos by the author Scholastic (32 pp.)
$13.95 Sept. 1, 1991
ISBN: 0-590-43770-4

Two winsome boys
, one black, one white, [Bruce note: it's one boy and one girl - and the girl, Erin with her pageboy haircut, wasn't too happy with this review - and every time it was quoted.] share some yummy-looking food: a halved banana, a roll that breaks into thirds and thus can't be shared evenly, a quartered pizza. Each fraction is repeated; recipes are included ("Wiggle pear salad" and strawberry pie round out a vegetarian meal). McMillan includes notes on techniques and materials that contributed to his beautiful, appealing photos and the boys [make that "boy and girl"] who posed. Another excellent multidimensional concept book from a creative bookmaker. (Nonfiction/Picture book. 4-8)

This copyrighted © review originally appeared in Kirkus Reviews and appears here with permission.

Boston Sunday Globe
April 11, 1992

"What a mouth-watering way to learn... The photographs deserve an A-plus not only for clarity and color, but because McMillan has captured his two young human subjects clearly having a wonderful time while dividing and eating the food."

August 1991

"An unexpectedly playful experience... a welcome addition to the math shelf."

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