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Letter and Reply and More

Class Letter from Miss Kahle's Multiage Class at
Scottish Corners Elementary School in Dublin, OH
It was really BIG of them to write.

Read the letter's text below
November 18, 2004

Dear Mr. McMillan,

You were our November author/illustrator-of-the-month and we were inspired by your books. We really liked the photographs in your books. We liked how you took creative, close-up pictures. Two of our favorite books are Mouse Views and Nights of the Pufflings. We even saw pictures of Pufflings from our enrichment teacher, Mrs. Vandré. Can you read your book in Icelandic?


Miss. Kahle's Primary Multiage Class
November 30, 2004

Dear Miss Kahle and Students,

Thanks so much for writing. That was very 'BIG' of you.

I'm so pleased you enjoy my photos. It sounds like you have as much fun looking at them as I have making them. When I take photos there is so much going on inside my head, thinking about how to capture what's in front of me, its great fun and a great mental exercise that is very satisfying. Don't you have fun exercising you brain with problem solving? It's like that. Perhaps you might think of it as similar to how happy you feel inside your head after you solve a complicated math problem.

I visited your school in 1997. So you might say that I went to Scottish Corners before you did. I met many of your teachers then, and I also met some of them when they came up to Iceland on my puffin tour.

You said that you saw pictures of pufflings taken by Mrs. Vandré. Yes, she and her husband, Dale, and their daughter, Nissa, all saved pufflings with me. We had a great time in Iceland. It's so nice there and I have so many friends there that I keep going back. My next trip will be my nineteenth. Maybe you will go someday too, if you haven't already.

You asked if I could read my book in Icelandic. Well, I can read parts of it, very little parts of it. But I’m getting better each time I visit Iceland. Fortunately, my Icelandic friends speak English. It's a good thing for me that many of my books photographed there are published in both Icelandic and English. The next book from Iceland will be published in March, Going Fishing. You can read more about it here. It will have photographs, but the one after that which also takes place in Iceland will have art by an Icelandic painter. It will be published in the fall of 2005 and will be called The Problem with Chickens. I hope that you’ll think it’s one of the funniest books I’ve ever written. You can read more about it here.

As we say in Iceland,

Sjáumst (See ya'),

Bruce McMillan,

My students enjoyed your work throughout the month of November. They wrote you a letter for you to enjoy! They also enjoyed looking through Jane Vandré's pictures of her trip to Iceland with you. Thank you for inspiring young authors and illustrators.

Jen Kahle

Bruce McMillan's Puffin Tour to Iceland, 1997
Scottish Corners Elementary School teachers are in the middle.
Top: Dale Vandré

Center: Jane Vandré

Bottom: Nissa Vandré

and Bruce McMillan

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