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I have been honored with an artist residency during the summer of 2005. On December 2, 2004 I received the following correspondence.
"The Board of the Institute of Gunnar Gunnarsson has now made decisions concerning applications for the residence Klaustrid at Skriðuklaustur East Iceland in the year 2005. You are one of the artists that the board accepted."

Skriðuklaustur in East Iceland
Klaustrid (the Monastery) is a residence for artists, writers and scholars, Icelandic or foreign. This cultural center is located in the Fljótsdalur Valley near the town of Egilsstaðir. The residence is managed by The Institute of Gunnar Gunnarsson. He was one of Iceland's noted authors. The residence includes a small apartment and workroom in the unique farmhouse, Skriðuklaustur, which was built in 1939 by Gunnar Gunnarsson.

Gunnar Gunnarsson (1889-1975) was born in Valþjófsstaður, Iceland, in the same valley as Skriðuklaustur.

Gunnar Gunnarsson
honored on a stamp

Gunnar Gunnarsson circa 1918
Gunnarsson's works include over 40 novels, short stories, articles and translations. Many Icelandic authors of the 1900s wrote in Danish. There were many more readers in Denmark and so Gunnar Gunnarsson chose to write his novels and short stories in Danish too. However, the basis for his books was Icelandic based on his background and the history of Iceland.

Gunnar Gunnarsson bust
in Skriðuklaustur

Gunnar Gunnarsson circa 1930
Links to information about Gunnar (They open in a new window.)

Biography with photos of Gunnar Gunnarsson's life

A Play, The Decision (Uppgjörið), performed in 1982

The Works of Gunnar Gunnarsson
His works available in English
Advent, 1939
The Black Cliffs (Svartfugl), 1967
Guest the One-Eyed, 1920
The Good Shepherd, 1940
The Night and the Dream, 1938
Seven Days’ Darkness (Sælir eru einfaldir), 1930
Ships of the Sky, 1938
The Sworn Brothers (Fóstbrædur), 1921
Trylle and other small fry, 1947

The Drive East on the Ring Road
I'm looking forward to this creatively productive time.



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