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I have been honored with a grant from the Town of Akureyri to work on new Icelandic books in 2004 while living in the artist's residency associated with the home of the noted Icelandic poet Davíð Stefánsson(1895-1964), one of Iceland's great lyric poets.

Akureyri is the culture capital in the north of Iceland.

The Davíð Stefánsson House was built in 1944. His furniture, library and personal effects are on display in his home.
Davíð Stefánsson
1895 - 1964

Portrait Photo and Work
Skáldsaga og ljóð

Portrait Photo and Work

Portrait Photo and Work
Ég vil fara
I visited Akureyri in 2003. The location of the photo of me on the right is in the top photo, down the left street that leads to the center of town.

I'm posing outside the Art Museum and some art galleries next to two brúsi, so you can see three Brucies.
Akureyri is also the home of Iceland's noted children's book author Nonni, the Jesuit priest Jón Sveinson (1857-1944). He traveled around the world and gave thousands of lectures. He also wrote twelve books, many based on his childhood in Iceland. His books have been translated into more than thirty languages.

There is a selection of illustrations from his books at his museum, Nonnahús.
Akureyri is a stimulating environment to work in and I plan to produce more books set in Iceland. I am the most prolific US author of childrens' books set in Iceland and this residency will certainly add to that, and share more of my beloved Ísland.
Photos of Bruce by Gunnella
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