April 9, 2004
Early Spring Wildlife
as viewed on a bed of fallen pine needles
stepped on during this walk.
By Bruce McMillan
© 2004
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The Shapleigh back yard woods road
as seen in early spring browns.

Above I hear a tap...tap...tapping.
At the center I see movement.

A woodpecker getting a meal.

Below me, fresh brown bear tracks.

Below me, old moose scat.

Before me, in the pond, swimming movement in the middle.

Hello, muskrat.

Curious in cool icy water?

Got some grasses in your mouth?
Taking them somewhere?

Going under? Bye.

Muskrat under spring ice at
approximately 1,000 feet above sea level.

The view northwest of New Hampshire
from approximately 1,250 feet above sea level.

Bruce McMillan at 1,250 feet in Shapleigh.
Back to the books. Bye.

What kind of camera did I use to take these photos?
A small simple easy-to-use point and shoot
five megapixel digital camera.

Click to see camera details...
Canon S500
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