January 2004
Winter in Iceland
Random photos taken the first week in January.
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Mount Esja as seen from Reykjavík at 1:30 p.m. I'd climbed this Mount last summer, but with the winds blowing today I was glad to be down at sea level.

The 2:00 p.m. Reykjavík traffic in the rainy sunset light of winter.

The warmth of an Icelandic home in Garðabær.

An afternoon rain squall off the south coast in the pink and blue light of early afternoon sunset.

The winds were blowing over fifty miles an hour at Storhöfði on Vestmannaeyjar off the south coast.

The sun hangs low in spectacular fashion.

There's not much snow on Vestmannaeyjar. After all this is the south coast of Iceland.

Driving around in the few hours of daylight with Óli, the father of Halla in Nights of the Pufflings / Pysjunætur. It was eleven years ago that we'd driven around in the dark looking for pufflings while photographing that book.

Storhöfði, the setting for my children's novel, a work-in-progress. "X" marks the spot, or is it a tic-tac-toe game?

By the Storhöfði lighthouse.

Traveling back to the mainland on the three-hour ferry ride. It leaves at 2:00 and travels through the end of daylight.

The seas aren't too rough today, but still rolling as we leave Vestmannaeyjar behind in the distance.

Rain squalls off the aft deck. My mind is thinking shapes. Or is a circle in a tic-tac-toe game?

My little fisherman, Friðrik, who will be in Going Fishing and his sister Birta. It was so nice to see friends at their homes evening after evening in an all-too-short week.

Pink and blue, bleikt og blatt. Perhaps this is the game?
The beautiful colors of the long Icelandic twilight on calm seas.

Rough seas.

Five days after I took the ferry, it was a much rougher crossing with the winds blowing 90 miles per hour on Storhöfði. I was happy to be on land taking the first photo in this sequence of Mount Esja.

What kind of camera did I use to take these photos?
A simple easy-to-use point and shoot digital camera.

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Canon S400
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