Where was Bruce McMillan
for the entire month of June, 2005?
In the far north
about 125 miles south of the Arctic Circle
off the west coast of Iceland,
living out there alone
on a small group of islands,
Bjarneyjar, Ísland,
The Bjarn Islands, Iceland.
Photographing a new book, of course,
thanks to his Icelandic friend, Friðrik Jónsson.
Nobody has stayed out there this long alone
in sixty years.
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with comments by Bruce. . .

(The accommodations list is at the end)

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Welcome to Buðey Island in the bay of Breiðafjörður
over an hour away by a fast boat from the mainland.
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I'm living here with a row boat,
alone on this collection of small islands for June.
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Well, not quite alone.
My seal buddies always keep me company on my rows.
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I'm here to photograph more than puffins.
I'm here to capture many birds with my camera.
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I live with the eiders during their courting
and hatching season.
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I live with the fulmars soaring on the winds
and nesting on the cliffs.
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I live with the oyster catchers flying from rock to rock,
singing their songs to each other.
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I live with the newborn wild geese ready to go to sea.
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I live and climb with the comorants (shags) on the cliffs.
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I greet the downy-covered shag chicks,
and meet so many other birds, that . . .
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I'm really not alone.

Transportation: 1 row boat,
low tide walking to many islands.

Electricity: 1 generator to charge the camera and computer

Lighting: The twenty-four hour northern summer sun

Cooking: A two-burner portable propane stove

Water: 40 gallons brought in jugs for the month
(cooking, washing, drinking, everything)

Food: Whatever was brought for the month

House: Historic renovated summer house,
upstairs 58-69 and even 75 degrees F
downstairs 48-53 degrees F

a cell phone that works by one window, so only calls out
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