October 8, 2003
Kathy Mallat and Bruce McMillan
Speakers at the
Maine Writers Symposium
Berwick, Maine
Noble VI School
Photos by Bruce McMillan and Oddrún Sverrisdóttir
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In the fourth and final weekly presentation to the staff of the Maine School Administrative District 60 schools that featured eight Maine authors over four weeks, Kathy Mallat and Bruce McMillan spoke.
Bruce spoke first about his work, including books such as A Beach for the Birds, a nature book about the least terns photographed at a nearby beach. He spoke about his books set in Iceland and his connection with that country. He previewed his forthcoming books including My First Art Gallery, a rain forest book, a children's novel, and shared an original painting that will be the illustration at the conclusion of The Problem with Chickens.
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Because so much of his work features Iceland, he wore his Útsala Icelandic tie and answered the question of what Útsala means.

Kathy Mallat then spoke about her work and how she has gone from a teacher in this school system to a full-time author-illustrator. She spoke about the working relationship she has as an author with her agent, Bruce. Among the books she mentioned was her latest book published, Oh, Brother.
Kathy previewed her forthcoming book, Mama Love, due out on Mother's Day 2004. The audience was moved to tears of joy as Kathy finished reading the text. Kathy was thrilled that the book touched such an emotional chord with the audience.
Guests of Bruce's in the audience were Friðrik Jónsson and Oddrún Sverrisdóttir, who were visiting from Iceland. Friðrik's daughter starred in Days of the Ducklings and Friðrik will appear with his grandson in the forthcoming Going Fishing.
After autographing books, Kathy and Bruce concluded the day by fielding questions.
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