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What has never happened, can happen.
What has happened, can happen again.
Sigþor Hallfreðsson
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As predicted months ago
on this web page
you are looking at
World Series Grass
to the
2004 World Champion
Boston Red Sox,
the only team in all
of baseball history
to come back from three ALCS losses
to win the next four games.

October 27, 2004
Tonight, I know my grandfather is smiling down from on high.
2004 World Series
2004 ALCS Champs

This fan never doubted it
for a moment.
Derek Lowe, the pitcher who won the deciding game seven of the ALCS
and the final game of the 2004 Wolrd Series,
is the same pitcher who pitched the game seen below that broke,
The Curse of the Brucino.
Congratulations Derek.
May 26, 2004
Forget the Curse of the Bambino.
The Curse of the Brucino is Broken!
This is the year.
The Red Sox will now win the World Series.
This is why.
by Bruce McMillan.
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All photos © 2004 by Bruce McMillan
You are looking at 2004 World Series turf, the Red Sox turf. This will happen.

When I was a youngster, my grandfather took me to see the Red Sox many times. We had great fun. We saw Ted Williams hit home runs. We sat in near empty Fenway stands. Of all the games I saw, they never won. Thus began the Curse of the Brucino.
Baseball people are all superstitious. When I arrived at the game on May 26, 2004, the team was wearing red uniforms. Why? Derek Lowe, our pitcher for the evening, lost his last three games wearing their regular uniforms, and his last win was in the red shirts. Would this help to break the dreaded Curse of the Brucino?
Tradition is also a part of baseball, the Pesky pole, the retired jersey numbers, and so it was with the hope of starting a new tradition, winning the World Series, I journey south to Boston.
I'd seen Red Sox games as a teenager with the Kennebunk (Maine) little league too, but of course the Sox never won when I was there. So I went to the game with Mark, who had last seen a game with me on a teenage little league trip. He got his Fenway Frank. Perhaps this would be the game to break . . . the Curse of the Brucino.
I'd seen games as an adult, and of course they never won. It was me. It was the Curse of the Brucino. So on this day, May 26, 2004, we set out to break the Curse of the Brucino. The grounds keepers were doing their part.
There was a Pending Century Connection to be made. This would compute. This was a new century. It was time to connect the Red Sox with a World Series win.
The game began. Our guys did their thing. Derek Lowe broke his three-game losing streak to deliver a win.
Our guys, like Kevin Millar, playing right field were all having fun. Hey, that's what it's all about . . . and a million bucks here and a million bucks there.
Frankly, it was time to break the Curse of the Brucino.
When the Oakland Athletics intentionally walked Manny Ramirez, thus putting two men on base, I said, "Oakland will regret that walk." And moments later they did. The next man up, Jason Varitek, our star catcher, hit a three-run homer over the green monster, and our team prevailed in a 9-6 victory to break the dreaded Curse of the Brucino. It's over!
You are looking at the 2004 World Series turf. The curse is broken. The winning World Series will take place here.
Ted Williams has passed the ball to a new generation, and this is the team to do it.
This is the year. The nine that take the field for our team every game can do their thing and win. My grandfather never got to see them win the World Series. Now that I'm a grandfather, I'll be thinking of him when the Red Sox are the 2004 World Series Champs.
At long last Bruce saw a winning game. The Curse of the Brucino is broken! Go Sox! This is the year!
October 27, 2004 Update
The Winning Eve
This page is dedicated to the faithful
who never doubted it for a moment.

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