May 14-18, 2004
Top Ten List
The Top Ten Reasons I Like Ísland
Based on my May 2004 trip
by Bruce McMillan.

View of Vestmannaeyjar
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All photos © 2004 by Bruce McMillan
Number 10

Even though you are an American,
you still fit in.
Number 9

You get to watch the Eurovison Program
in the composer's very own parent's home

and then, with his little sister,
greet Svenni at the airport
upon his arrival from Turkey.
Number 8

Everyone looks like they should be in a painting.
(Even Iceland's Eurovision singer Jonsi's little sister.)
Number 7

Football is really football.
(Hey, it's Friðrik who will star in Going Fishing.)
Number 6

The drivers are so polite.
(It's Friðrik's little sister, Birta.)
Number 5

Everyone invites you in for coffee or tea.
(Like Óli's aunt.)
Number 4

There is always something to photograph,
even yourself.
Number 3

The restaurants have the best views
and the best company.
(Like Óli.)
Hafið bláa Restaurant
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Number 2

You never know when you are going
to run into a Viking at school.
(Like Aron Trausti Björnsson.)
. . . and the Number 1 reason
why I like Ísland.

The ladies touch your heart
and cry when you leave.
(Like Birta.)
What kind of camera did I use to take these photos?
A simple easy-to-use point and shoot digital camera
(except for the shot by Gunnella of me and Svenni and Ragga.)

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Canon S500
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