July 9, 2003
Bat in the Office
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When you live in the woods you never know who will drop by.
Or when...

While working very late at my computer,
I saw something moving out of the corner of my eye.

It was a bat, lost, that had found it's way into my office.
Look at that flight.

It was flying all around, and as I snapped photos
I blocked it's flight so that it would find the door.

As you can see on the clock, it was 1:30am.
My friend found the open door below.

Downstairs, my exhausted friend stopped to rest on the screen,
while I opened the door to the porch and latched it to stay open.

Soon, after a few circling flights around the ceiling (above)
my friend found the open door and the moonlight night.
Just another evening in the office,
with my handy digital camera,
and another batty visitor,
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