April 20, 2004
End of Winter Art & Color
as viewed framed by last season's
cattails seen during this ponds walk.
By Bruce McMillan
© 2004
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The Shapleigh back yard woods road
to the ponds on this warm sunny day in the sixties.

The ice is gone for the year.
Impressionist art has arrived.

A pond painting.

The cattails of last season leave a pattern on the water
while below them new cattails are ready to grow.

Frog eggs maturing in the vernal pool.
What is a vernal pool or pond?

A woods stream flowing in patterns of color.

Underwater colors of a woods stream.

All of this happening high on Fort Ridge
where you can see northwest to New Hampshire.

What kind of camera did I use to take these photos?
A small simple easy-to-use point and shoot
five megapixel digital camera.

Click to see camera details...
Canon S500
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