July 6, 2003
Nature's Flora Magnet
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Sunny afternoon blue fills the sky over the sumac...

the blueberry leaves are growing to the sun.
The blueberry blossoms are past history
and the blueberry fruits are future history.

Some flowers are yet to bloom...

Others, like the wild purple blue vetch (Vicia cracca) are blooming.

This member of the pea family blooms in a purple profusion.

Some red purples bloom from the sunflower family, Knapweed,
mix with the blue purples of the vetch,
all wild flowers in my garden.

Knapweed as present tense and future tense in visual language.

Now, the lupines are going to seed. Nature's clock is ticking.

Soon those pods will pop open on their own,
propelling their seeds on their way for next years colorful crop.

You can almost hear the plants growing, growing upward.
In the pure blue of the sky, the bright sun,
natures flora magnet, has a strong pull.
Just another nice day in Shapleigh
as our planet spins around the sun.
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