June 27, 2003
Thursday Makes Scents
in My Yard.
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Mock Orange (Philadelphus lewisii)
makes great scents in Maine.

With the temperatures in the nineties
the mock oranges are blooming at their peak.

What's in a name? Mock Orange (Philadelphus lewisii)
The genus is named for the Egyptian king Ptolemy Philadelphus, and the species name (and one of its common names) honors the scientist-explorer Meriwether Lewis, who first discovered and collected it during his exploration of the Louisiana Purchase. Indians used its straight woody stems in making arrows.

But what is Idaho's state flower found out west, smelling like Florida orange blossoms in the southeast, doing up in the northeast in Shapleigh Maine?

Yes, where are they growing? Not Idaho, but Shapleigh, Maine.

Almost into my house, outside the open kitchen windows to fill
the room with wisps of orange blossom perfume.

Oranges in Maine... makes scents to me.
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