Stykkishólmur, Ísland ~ July 24, 2002
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Going Fishing
March 2005 from Houghton Mifflin
Meet Friðrik Örn, the nephew of
Drífa who was in Days of the Ducklings.

He's going fishing with each of his grandfathers.

One owns the Gauti on the left.
It's set up to fish for Cod (Gadus morhua).
The other owns the Inga on the right
It's set up for Lump fish (Cyclopterus lumpus).
Though it's too dark and cloudy and rainy
to take quality photos for the fishing book on this day,
we went out Lump fish fishing to see what it's like.

So who is Friðrik Örn looking at by the stern?

Hey it's Bruce and Friðrik's dad, Sigþor ("Siggi")
the best Icelandic guide money can't buy,
planning for when it will be brighter

Friðrik Örn is ready,
wearing his Húfa (HOO vah) cap knitted by his mother, Erla.
And there's more in this story than fish in the sea
here in the land of fish.

The sun did shine on Friðrik Örn and Bruce,
seen here smiling in Reykjavík after the book was photographed.
It's available now.

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