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Meet Bruce

On Thursday October 9, 2003 from 3-5:00 pm I will be at my local library in the Springvale Public Library's Children's Room for
"Meet Bruce McMillan Day".
See you there.
See you at the library.

Springvale Public Library
443 Main Street
Springvale, ME 04083
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My quick and easy gourmet potato recipe that I have served all over Iceland to rave reviews.

Show me
the illustrated recipe
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All over Iceland the tourist shops sell these inch-high puffin figures. They are made by my friends, Margo and Viktoría on Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland.
How do they make them?
Click the puffins to find out.

How did we get here?

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Click the Newspaper

After a month in Iceland working on four new books, including The Problem with Chickens, I'm back in Maine finishing them.

Morgunblaðið, The New York Times of Iceland, wrote about this with a photo on the front page.

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A night time office visitor
and I thought I was going batty...

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Updated July 6, 2003
May and June 2003

Welcome to the colors
of nature in my yard
and in the woods
behind my home.

Take a walk with me
to see what I see.

You'll even find out
what digital camera
I used to take these
vibrant wildlife colors.

In the additional page
posted June 26th you will see
that it all makes scents!

Click Photos

Wild Lupine

Rosa Rugosa

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May 28, 2003
At Vickery School in Pittsfield, ME
I was treated to some great verses.
You be the judge...

Art by Sarah Walston.

Click the horse and...
Guess the
Terse Verse
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At the
Blueberries and Moose
Festival of
Maine Children's Literature
who was my surprise guest?

Click here
or on the photo of
my mystery guest and me
to find out
who this young man is.

Click Photo
to find out who
the mystery guest is.

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Typing Icelandic Characters
simplified for a US keyboard
is updated.

Those strange characters
á, é, í, ð, ý, ó, ú, þ, æ, ö,
Á, É, Í, Ð, Ý, Ó, Ú, Þ, Æ, Ö
are easy to add in your
MS Word document
with this new file.

Click the
Icelandic flag

for the tip

The Link is also
on the "My Iceland" page.
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Click the Photo

Kathy Mallat
Lupine Honor Winner
for Just Ducky

April 10, 2003

I attended the awards ceremony with my friend, Kathy, and was surprised to find that I was the only person to record the event in photos.

Click Photo to See the Event
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Wisconsin School Visits

April 7 and 9, 2003
I visited the University School of Milwaukee, and especially enjoyed our workshops. After school I made a photo-essay around the school grounds. When some of my young friends spotted me taking photos they called over, "Are you playing?" Yes, they'd paid attention during the day.

April 8, 2003
I visited Oriole Lane Elementary School in Mequon where the April rain was colored white.
We had a great time that evening when the students brought their parents.

Click Photo for
Bruce's Photo-Essay at the
University School of

Click Photo for
Bruce's Photos at the Oriole Lane Elementary School

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April 4, 2003

I was greeted with a very real looking "Remarkable" tricycle at the
Rose M. Gaffney Elementary School for a day long visit.

The teachers said I should
Visit Jasper Beach after school. I did. Beautiful, even on an overcast day.
Thanks teachers.

April 5, 2003
Also in Machias I keynoted The DownEast Young Author's Conference at the University of Maine in Machias.
Click Photo
to see a class project

Jasper Beach
Photo-essay by Bruce
Click the Photo

digital photo by Bruce
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It's a rainy spring day for
The Weather Sky.
After twelve years of publication,
this book is officially a collector's item
as of March 2003.
Both the hardcover and
soft cover editions are
out of print from FSG.

A few hardcovers are
available from Bruce
at collector's prices.
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Puffin Video Clip
New on the puffin page
Video from Wales, UK

Go to the Puffin Page Clip

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The web site counter is now public.
You can see what number visitor you
are since the counter was installed
on January 1, 2001.
It's at the bottom
of the index
on the left.
It's counting

as you read.
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Daily News from Iceland
February 27, 2003

The "Letter of the Week" features a letter by me about something amusing that happened in the summer of 2002 while in Iceland working on the next book set in Iceland.

Click here to read the

Letter of the Week

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The Good News
Jelly Beans For Sale
will soon be available as a
quality trade paperback
from Scholastic.
Watch here for the release date.
The Bad News
Scholastic sold out of all of the hardcovers and they have no plans to reprint again.
Treasure your hardcover copy.

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CBS didn't do their research. On a fall 2002 CBS program, CSI, Crime Scene Investigator, a character clearly and repeatedly made reference to the "pifflings" in Iceland and the children in the village who rescue them.

Pifflings? My guess is that the writer saw a British TV nature program (they had been up there doing a program after seeing Nights of the Pufflings) and heard the birds, the pufflings, referred to by the British narrator with a British accent which would sound like pifflings.

Shame shame CBS and CSI for not doing your research.

CBS Errs


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ASK magazine ~ Arts & Sciences for Kids
from the Publishers of Cricket and Smithsonian
The November/December 2002 Issue
featured my photos of Halla and her friends rescuing and releasing pufflings on pages 2/3.
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The 2005 edition of Houghton Mifflin's Third Grade Reading Program text book will feature two sections by me.

The Introduction to Animal Habitats will feature text written by me along with five photos of animal habitats in Iceland, off the coast of Maine, St. Lucia, Bonaire, and Antarctica.

One of the major features in the following section of books is Nights of the Pufflings.

Animal Habitats

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Miles Lane School, Bucksport, ME
W e l c o m e

Mister Bruise Mac Melon
Get it? Mr. Bruce McMillan
This puniddle greeted me when I arrived to speak October 17, 2002.
Thanks go to you third graders in Mr. Mercier's class.
It was a great day.
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Back from Iceland

I was in Iceland
from July 18 to August 19 photographing a new book
about fishing.
Plus I connected with an artist
and will write yet another book
set in Iceland.

Read more
about it.

August 2002

Greetings from the
leading edge of a

Hey, I caught an iceberg.

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Click the Photo

Nights of the Pufflings

Visit the library on the
Nights of the Pufflings island
on Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland
and also see photos of Halla
taken this summer, 2002,
ten years after the book
was photographed.

Read more
about it.

"Hæ, Click on me."

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Email Cards Ready
Twenty five email cards
from my books around the world
are online for you to send.

Take me to the cards.

You really send the card,
not just a pick up notice,
Thanks to Peter Sundstrom,
author of the program
PostCard Direct
There are
funny, scenic, and
simple interest cards.

Which is this?
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A Best Childrens' Book
of the Year

Days of the Ducklings
was honored as a
Best Children's Book
of the Year 2002
by the Children's Book Committee at the Bank Street College of Education

Star Review

Days of the Ducklings
was honored with a starred review by the 2002 Edition of
The Children's Book Committee,
Bank Street College of Education

Triangle Review

Days of the Ducklings
was honored with a starred review in the Spring 2002 Edition of
The Horn Book Guide
Days of the


Read the review

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Kathy Mallat
who took my UNH class
has a new web site up
and five books published.
to visit
Kathy Mallat's
web site

Visit Kathy on
Bruce's Web Site
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Puffin/Duckling Postcards

Yes, all you need to do is send a S.A.S.E.

Send Me Free Postcards
Nights of the Pufflings

Days of the Ducklings
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the largest newspaper in Iceland, has a selection of email cards including the star of Days of the Ducklings.

Click to send
an email
from Iceland

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Site Visitors

An average of more than 2,500
visitors per month
have dropped in
since August 2001
when I went online.

coming by.
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The Good News
Apples has been in print for twenty-three years, a long time for a black-and-white book to stay competitive in the now-color world of children's books
The Bad News
Apples is going out-of-print from Houghton-Mifflin
More Good News
You can still order copies directly from
Apple Island Books.
Still available

Though going out-of-print

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"Even if he didn't say so
- repeatedly - it is obvious
that Bruce McMillan is
still a kid at heart."

So begins the feature article about me, my books, and Iceland in the Style section of the November 3, 2001, weekend edition of
the Bangor Daily News

Click here to read the article

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Click the Photo

The Letter to the Editor
DownEast printed my letter-to-the-editor in response to The Painter and the Pirate, a twelve page article with paintings by Andrew Wyeth of his friend and subject, Walter Anderson. The article appeared in the September 2001 issue of DownEast. My letter was published in the next, the November, issue.

Click to read letter
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Click the Photos

"I love that story, Bruce.
I think that's a beautiful
Barbara Bush
August 24, 2001.

I autographed and
Barbara Bush read
Grandfather's Trolley,
at the
Seashore Trolley Museum
in Kennebunkport, Maine.
It was the biggest event at
the trolley museum in almost twenty years.

This is where I photographed the book. It was a treat to introduce Mrs. Bush to the people featured in Grandfather's Trolley.

Barbara Bush Reads
Grandfather's Trolley
click here
- story & photos -

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Springvale Public Library
reopening includes
The Bruce McMillan Corner

The million-dollar-renovated Springvale Public Library, my local library, is open. The children's room features The Bruce McMillan Corner with all of my books. On permanent display are nine of the original hand-tinted photographs from Grandfather's Trolley. The sequential series of "trolley" photos wrap around half the room on two walls, six of the photos facing you as you enter the children's room. The room colors, yellow and red, match the yellow and red trolley - and the girls' hair ribbon too.
Click for the architect's plans.
opening was
October 28, 2001

The art is up for viewing.
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Art Donation to the
Kennebunk Free Library
Kennebunk, Maine

On Friday October 19, 2001 I attended a reception honoring the library's original children's book art collection on permanent display. I surprised the children's librarian, Janet Cate, not only by showing up, but showing up with a donation, the "waiting for the trolley at the Arundel station" page from Grandfather's Trolley. I graduated from Kennebunk High School. The Kennebunk area was originally called Arundel.

This is the fourth library or museum where art from Grandfather's Trolley is on display.
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Click the Photos
Newest Book Out

Days of the Ducklings

Click for
"Duckling: book page with full reviews

"Another beauty from McMillan."
- School Library Journal

"A wonderful blend
of artistry and emotion."

- Booklist

"The photographs are handsome."

Click for
Publisher's Catalogue Description

"A winning look at... the splendor of Iceland."
School Library Journal, Oct. 2001

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On February 7, 2002
I added a State of Maine page
at the request of the students in
Mrs. Karen Wille's grade 1/2 multi-age class at Dirksen Elementary School in Schaumburg, Illinois
Hope this helps your project Amanda.

You can even sing the State of Maine Song with music...

Click the Flag
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Bruce McMillan
PO Box 85
Shapleigh, ME