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Oriole Lane Elementary School
Mequon, WI
April 8, 2003
At School

Milwaukee Rain and April Flowers
A Photo-essay by
Bruce McMillan
All photos were taken with the small
point-and-shoot 3.1 megapixel digital camera,
that was on my belt while speaking during the day.
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April Showers of Rain Bring Bruce McMillan to Oriole Lane?
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In Mequon April Showers of Rain Are Really Snow
Or Did
Bruce Bring Snow from Maine to Oriole Lane!
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Like in Jelly Beans For Sale, where the color is coordinated,
the colors of the student's outfits and the April flowers match.
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From Purple to...
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Black and Orange to...
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Red and Even a Rainbow!
Hi to All My Friends at Oriole Lane...
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