Finestkinid o' Day (book cover)

Finestkind o' Day
Lobstering in Maine

Hardcover: Out of Print

Bruce's First Book
1977 - Lippinicott
ISBN 0-397-31763-8
1984 - DownEast Books
ISBN 0-89272-185-5
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"Indeed, this is a finestkind o' book
for any youngster and/or adult."

The Boston Sunday Globe, October 6, 1977

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Personal Note

The boy who goes lobstering is my son Brett. In the sixth grade he coauthored Puniddles with me. He graduated from Yale and helped implement the software program Get a Clue. He is married to Megan McDonald, a veterinarian and owner of the Casco Bay Veterinary Hospital. They live in Portland Maine. In 1996 I returned from Iceland with a gift for them - a six-week-old Border Collie puppy from the farm where I photo-illustrated My Horse of the North. They named her Týra (TEER ah).

In 1994 Allison Wilson, the lobsterman in the story, made a surprise visit when I spoke with the students at the Lura Libby School in Thomaston Maine.

Visit the live
lobstercam and see a working lobstertrap - and maybe a lobster - on the ocean floor off mid-coast Maine. I like the 'school visit'. (Get it? You will.)

At the Gulf of Maine Aquarium
you can read
all about lobsters.

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"Finestkind o' Day
is my favorite book."

Megan McDonald

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Maine lobstermen have an expression they use to describe the best of anything - the fishing, the weather -whatever's best is "finestkind." For young Brett, the day he got his first chance to be a sternman on a lobsterboat was the finest kind of day. Bruce McMillan's camera has captured all the joy and excitement of Brett's experience, and his brief text lets readers enter the fascinating coastal world of the Maine lobsterman.

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Kirkus, August 1, 1977

"Brett, who steers the boat home,
will be envied his opportunity."

McMillan, Bruce
FINESTKIND O' DAY: Lobstering in Maine
Photos by the author
J. B. Lippincott (48pp.)
ISBN: 0-397-31763-8

McMillan's photos and text offer readers a chance to share the experience of lobstering in Maine with Brett. All morning Brett helps Allison haul in his traps, and each time they both guess how many lobsters will be coming up; through it all Allison finds time to explain about sorting out keepers, pegging the crusher claws, and throwing back "berried" females. Youngsters who don't know Allison as well as Brett might find his manner a shade condescending, but he is an affable teacher and Brett, who steers the boat home, will be envied his opportunity and admired for proving up to it. 7-9

This copyrighted © review originally appeared in Kirkus Reviews and appears here with permission.

School Library Journal, October 1977

"Much basic information about lobsters
and lobstering is imparted
along the way."

McMILLAN, Bruce. Finestkind o' Day: Lobstering in Maine. photogs. by author. 48p. CIP. Lippincott. Aug. 1977.
PLB $5.95. ISBN 0-397-31763-8. LC 77-3049.

Gr 2-5 Text and photographs follow Brett, the author's son, as he boards the Ruth M. with Allison Wilson, a veteran lobsterman. The two spend the day along the Maine coast pulling and baiting traps, pegging lobsters, and fishing for halibut. Much basic information about lobsters and lobstering in imparted along the way, although the occupation tends to be glamorized here. Still, this is a perfect companion to the Carricks' The Blue Lobster (Dial, 1975), which details the life cycle of a lobster. - Hayden Atwood, Pond Cove Elementary School Library, Cape Elizabeth, Me.

This copyrighted © review originally appeared in School Library Journal and appears here with permission.

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