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Artist Residency 2004 in Iceland
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Honored with an
Artist Residency for 2005
by the Institute of Gunnar Gunnarsson
in Skriðuklausturi, Iceland
to work on more books
set in Iceland.

To Skriðuklaustur...
Skriðuklaustur, Iceland

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Fan Mail
from a class at
Scottish Corners Elementary School
with a personal connection to
a previous Iceland visit
with my reply and more.

Read the Letter. See the Photos.

To the Fan Mail...
To the Letter
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School Visit
The Icelandic Húfa,
the hat that is in Going Fishing
made its first appearance
with me at the
Phippsburg Elelmentary School
on November 18, 2004.
To the School Visit

To the School Visit...
See this Húfa at School

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Nominated for
Lifetime Achievement

The Subaru/SB&F
(Science Books & Films)
Lifetime Achievement
Key Award for Excellence
in Science Books

Read all about it!

To the Award Page
Click on Logo Above

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The Fan's Red Sox

As predicted here on May 26, 2004.
The Boston Red Sox
won the Pennant, the 2004 ALCS,
American League Championship Series
and are the
2004 World Series Champs.

Grass art...
World Series Turf
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Going Fishing

will be published in the US
and in Iceland with Icelandic text.

Read all about it.

Go Fishing...
Coming March 2005

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History of the Brusi

Read the official history
of how the milk can in Iceland
got its name - Brusi.

How the Brusi came to be.

To the Brusi...
Fascinating Historical

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17 Ágúst 2004, Iceland & US

Why is this flag flying in Iceland?
Hint: Meet my new grandson,
Teague, and also see his older brother, Finn.

Meet Teague and Finn

Meet Teague...
Proud Grandfather
in Iceland

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Camping in Iceland
13-15 Ágúst 2004, Iceland

This is a photo-illustrated journal of the camping trip that I took with Óli, the father of Halla who starred in Nights of the Pufflings.

See the beauty of Iceland
and discover why I love it so.

Go Camping...
To the Highlands
of Iceland

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UNH Class

The two dates for this school year's
UNH Class
that is open to the public
November 20, 2004
April 2, 2005

Read More About It

Writing, Illustrating
and Publishing
Picture Books
Find Out About Class...
See you there
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Korean Edition

Puffins Climb, Penguins Rhyme
is now available in Korean.

See a sample page.
Can you decipher Korean?

To the Korean Edition...
Yes, that's Korean.

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Summer Books and Fun
What did you do this summer?
I went to Iceland for two months to make more books and play.

My Summer in Iceland

To Bruce's Iceland...
Icelandic Bowling

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Bruce in the
Iceland News
My work during my artist's residency in Akureyri, Iceland has been written about in Iceland's major newspaper.

Read the
English Translation

Read the News in English...
Read the News in English...

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Fan Mail

What a nice letter from Pasadena.



Read the Letter...
Read the Letter

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The Lady Slippers

Color photo-essay of this
protected wild orchid

Plus a photo tip

They're everywhere...
Not footwear

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A Ponds Walk

Colors of the coming summer

Hello croaker...
Just a Pond Walk

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The Curse
of the Brucino

The Boston Red Sox will
win the 2004 World Series.

Forget the Curse of the Bambino.
The Curse of the Brucino
was broken on May 26, 2004.

Big News
Grass art...
The Curse
is broken!

World Series Turf

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Flight to Iceland

Color photo-essay of the
sunrise colors on the flight
from Boston to Keflavík, Ísland.

With a series of dissolving photos

Graphic views...
Snæfellsjökull Glacier

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Boston Swans
Reykjavík Swans
At either end of the
Icelandair flight
see these city swans in their
native habitats.

Hello swan...
Lake Tjörnin in Reykjavík

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Top Ten List

The Top Ten Reasons
Bruce Likes Iceland


Based on the May 2004 trip.

And the number 1 reason...
Top Ten List

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End of Winter
Art & Color
End of Winter Art & Color
as viewed framed by
last season's cattails
seen during this Shapleigh ponds walk.

Season change...
End of Winter
Art and Color

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Early Spring Wildlife

I see something new on my afternoon walk, my break from the books on a warm Spring day.

Hello muskrat...
Muskrat in the Pond

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March 22, 2005 Update
Jelly Beans For Sale
is available to educators and schools as a quality trade paperback from Scholastic, and will also be added to Scholastic's See Saw Book Club in March 2006. Unfortunately, the hardcover is out-of-print.
The Boo
k Club edition is ISBN 0-590-86596-X. Call the warehouse ordering line at 573-632-1800 and push "1" for customer service.

Can't get
the book?

Still availble...
The hardcover is

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Just a Sunset

Four minutes / Four photos
Colors on March 11, 2004
at my office home.

End of winter...end of a day's light...
Just a Sunset

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A Walk in the Woods

See Iceland on a tree?
See Iceland from space?

To Iceland on a tree...

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Flat Buzzy
takes a ride on my tricycle

Cool...really cool...
It was just above zero degrees.

See the details here.

To Buzzy's tricycle ride...
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I read
four of my books for the young viewers of the
Portland Maine
Community Television Network
Books 4 ME program.

More photos and details here.

To the TV tapping...
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Honored with an
Artist Residency for 2004
at the Davíð Stefánsson House
in Akureyri, Iceland

to work on more books
set in Iceland

To Akureyri...
Akureyri, Iceland

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Week in Iceland

December 31-January 8,

What's it like in the winter?
Warmer than Maine.

To Iceland in the winter...
Winter in Iceland
To Iceland in the winter...

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Fireworks in Iceland

December 31, 2003
Happy New Year

What's it like in Reykjavík, Iceland?
See for yourself.

To the fireworks...

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