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Fall is Here
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The Coming of Winter

December 1, 2003

It's showing up in my yard.

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To the
Illustrated Prose

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November 2003

I have a visitor

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To the
Illustrated Prose

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Gletta The Foal
November 2003

The Bad News ~
Out-of-Print from Cavendish

The Good News ~ Still Available
Order from Apple Island Books

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Fallen Leaves,
Season's End

November 2003
The leaves have fallen
and the book is coming
and you can see for yourself.

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To the
Illustrated Prose

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Snow is Here
October 23, 2003
Photos of the
very early first snow.

Outside My Office

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Fall is Here
October 8-18, 2003
Photos of the seasonal magic
with some wild turkeys too.

Outside My Office

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Bruce McMillan

Thursday October 9, 2003
at the
Springvale Public Library's
Children's Room.

Who was there?
At the library

Springvale Public Library
443 Main Street
Springvale, ME 04083
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On Wednesday October 8, 2003 Kathy Mallat and I spoke at this gathering in Berwick, Maine.

See my surprise guests.

So what's with the
Icelandic tie?
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Library Centennial

On Sunday October 5, 2003
I was the keynote speaker at that Alfred, Maine Parsons Memorial Library Centennial.

What did I say?

What Bruce Said

Bruce McMillan
photo by Allison Williams

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My quick and easy gourmet potato recipe that I have served all over Iceland to rave reviews.

Show me
the illustrated recipe
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All over Iceland the tourist shops sell these inch-high puffin figures. They are made by my friends, Margo and Viktoría on Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland.
How do they make them?
Click the puffins to find out.

How did we get here?

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Click the Newspaper

After a month in Iceland working on four new books, including The Problem with Chickens, I'm back in Maine finishing them.

Morgunblaðið, The New York Times of Iceland, wrote about this with a photo on the front page.

Read the article
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Click the Photo

A night time office visitor
and I thought I was going batty...

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Updated July 6, 2003
May and June 2003

Welcome to the colors
of nature in my yard
and in the woods
behind my home.

Take a walk with me
to see what I see.

You'll even find out
what digital camera
I used to take these
vibrant wildlife colors.

In the additional page
posted June 26th you will see
that it all makes scents!

Click Photos

Wild Lupine

Rosa Rugosa

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May 28, 2003
At Vickery School in Pittsfield, ME
I was treated to some great verses.
You be the judge...

Art by Sarah Walston.

Click the horse and...
Guess the
Terse Verse
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At the
Blueberries and Moose
Festival of
Maine Children's Literature
who was my surprise guest?

Click here
or on the photo of
my mystery guest and me
to find out
who this young man is.

Click Photo
to find out who
the mystery guest is.

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Click the Photo

Typing Icelandic Characters
simplified for a US keyboard
is updated.

Those strange characters
á, é, í, ð, ý, ó, ú, þ, æ, ö,
Á, É, Í, Ð, Ý, Ó, Ú, Þ, Æ, Ö
are easy to add in your
MS Word document
with this new file.

Click the
Icelandic flag

for the tip

The Link is also
on the "My Iceland" page.
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Click the Photo

Kathy Mallat
Lupine Honor Winner
for Just Ducky

April 10, 2003

I attended the awards ceremony with my friend, Kathy, and was surprised to find that I was the only person to record the event in photos.

Click Photo to See the Event
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Wisconsin School Visits

April 7 and 9, 2003
I visited the University School of Milwaukee, and especially enjoyed our workshops. After school I made a photo-essay around the school grounds. When some of my young friends spotted me taking photos they called over, "Are you playing?" Yes, they'd paid attention during the day.

April 8, 2003
I visited Oriole Lane Elementary School in Mequon where the April rain was colored white.
We had a great time that evening when the students brought their parents.

Click Photo for
Bruce's Photo-Essay at the
University School of

Click Photo for
Bruce's Photos at the Oriole Lane Elementary School

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April 4, 2003

I was greeted with a very real looking "Remarkable" tricycle at the
Rose M. Gaffney Elementary School for a day long visit.

The teachers said I should
Visit Jasper Beach after school. I did. Beautiful, even on an overcast day.
Thanks teachers.

April 5, 2003
Also in Machias I keynoted The DownEast Young Author's Conference at the University of Maine in Machias.
Click Photo
to see a class project

Jasper Beach
Photo-essay by Bruce
Click the Photo

digital photo by Bruce
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It's a rainy spring day for
The Weather Sky.
After twelve years of publication,
this book is officially a collector's item
as of March 2003.
Both the hardcover and
soft cover editions are
out of print from FSG.

A few hardcovers are
available from Bruce
at collector's prices.
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Puffin Video Clip
New on the puffin page
Video from Wales, UK

Go to the Puffin Page Clip

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The web site counter is now public.
You can see what number visitor you
are since the counter was installed
on January 1, 2001.
It's at the bottom
of the index
on the left.
It's counting

as you read.
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Daily News from Iceland
February 27, 2003

The "Letter of the Week" features a letter by me about something amusing that happened in the summer of 2002 while in Iceland working on the next book set in Iceland.

Click here to read the

Letter of the Week

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